BSA Troop 299 San Diego


Statistics and Information on our monthly recycling program.

It is the responsibility of our scouts to update this regularly. If the date shown is for the previous recycling, it will be updated soon.

About this program

What we do

For quite a long time, out troop has had a tradition of holding monthly recycling events. In these events, scouts bring recyclables to a lot behind our normal meeting location, then seperate them by type. Then, we go to the local recycling plant to turn in those recyclables in excange for money. 20% of this money goes directly into troop funds, while the remaining 80% is split among the scouts via a share-based system.

Each scout has a troop account in which this money is deposited, and the money in this account can be used to make any scout related purchase, such as summer camp, or a backpack. This program helps the scouts afford the costs of scouting, and helps the enviornment at the same time.

Events are held on saturdays, and we try to hold one every month. The date of our next event is shown at the top of this page. Sometimes an event is pushed back or forward a week because we will be camping that saturday, but the date above should reflect that.

Three to five days before a recycling event, scouts will pass out flyers to their neighborhood to notify their neighbors of the upcoming event. On that Saturday between 8:30AM and 9:00AM, our boys will drive around their neighborhoods collecting any recyclables they see left out on the curb.

What we collect

Plastic Bottles,

Aluminium Cans,

Glass Bottles,



How you can help

If you recieved a flyer, we would greatly appreciate any contributions you have. All you need to do is leave whatever you are willing to donate out on your front curb, and we will collect it between 8:30AM and 9:00AM on the Saturday specified above. Stapling the flyer you were given to the pile would also help scouts identify that this is for them.

If you are not recieving flyers and would like to contribute, we may be able to accomodate you. Keep in mind, our troop operates in Clairemont, San Diego CA, so anyone outside of this area likely cannot be reached. If you do live in this area, contact, with you name and address, and we'll see how we can add you to a route.